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Is Your Child Coloring with Asbestos?

Asbestos in Children’s Toys Is Your Child Coloring with Asbestos? According to a recent article by Brian Bienkowski with Environmental Health news, some children’s crayons and play, crime lab kits contain cancer-causing, lung damaging asbestos fibers.  A report, commissioned by the environmental nonprofit Environmental Working Group Action

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Climate Change in Pictures

Climate Change in Pictures Is a picture worth a thousand words?  NASA has developed 4 visualizations of some of the Earth’s key climate change indicators and how they have changed and are continuing to change.  Proving a picture is worth a thousand words.  These include: Sea Ice

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Surviving an EPA Wastewater Inspection

Surviving an Ohio EPA Wastewater Inspection There are several different types of wastewater inspections that involve: Compliance Evaluation Inspections (a non-sampling inspection verifying permittee’s compliance with applicable permit self-monitoring requirements, effluent limits and compliance schedules) Reconnaissance Inspections (a brief visual inspection of the permittee’s treatment facility, effluents,

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