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Indoor Air Quality Assessment

Indoor Air Quality Assessment

At TKEC we use specialized equipment and our expertise to perform air quality sampling and analysis to determine the cause of indoor air problems and to develop solutions. 

We have successfully addressed many types of air quality issues including insufficient air flow, elevated carbon dioxide levels, the presence of carbon monoxide, elevated humidity levels, chemical exposure, the presence of allergens, Legionnaire’s Disease, and more.

  • Sick Building Syndrome
  • Air Emissions Permits
  • Inspection & Testing

Whether we are investigating a complaint related to Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) or related to Building Related Illnesses (BRI), Turn-Key Environmental Consultants follows rigorous indoor air quality and building investigation procedures which may include air testing for microbial contaminants (mold testing) bacteria, viruses, or volatile organic compounds (VOC’s).      Once the source is identified, TKEC provides recommendations for corrective actions with specifications to stop and/or remove the pollution source.  The corrective actions prevent the source from reoccurring and prevent unintended and undesirable consequences from developing.