Vermiculite Testing in Dayton, Ohio

Asbestos testing for popcorn ceilings and vermiculite insulation and plaster

Vermiculite insulation, plaster and popcorn ceilings installed prior to 1990 have a high potential to contain asbestos fibers. Be sure you test your vermiculite for asbestos before removal or demolition.

Our team of local Western Ohio scientists can gather samples and get your results quickly so that your project stays on track and you keep your family safe.

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  • You have a popcorn ceiling that was installed prior to 1990
  • You know you have vermiculite plaster that is over 30 years old
  • You’re removing plaster or insulation that might be over 30 years old
  • You see crumbling or deterioration from your old plaster or popcorn ceiling

Why Vermiculite Can be Dangerous

Vermiculite is highly subject to emitting fibers if disturbed and so removal or demolition of vermiculite materials can easily release asbestos particles into the air. Since you cannot detect asbestos contaminated fibers by the naked eye, you need to have your vermiculite professionally tested.

Vermiculite in Popcorn Ceilings

Popcorn ceilings are most commonly made from either vermiculite or polystyrene, so if you’re not sure of its composition, you must assume it could be contaminated with asbestos.

Vermiculite Asbestos Inspection Services from Turn-Key

We offer asbestos testing services for popcorn ceilings, insulation, and other materials. Our certified asbestos inspectors can come quickly to your job site or home, collect samples, and then have results for you in a matter of days. Asbestos testing is required for all commercial, government, and industrial projects in which potential asbestos containing materials (ACM) could be disturbed and release fibers or particles into the air.

Residential Vermiculite Testing & Asbestos Ceiling Tests

Due to the popularity of vermiculite insulation and the ease of installing popcorn ceilings, residential properties can have a high probability of containing vermiculite contaminated with asbestos. But, many homeowners are not aware of this risk since they’re not mandated to test in the same way as commercial projects. We know you need to get your project done quickly. Since we’re local we can come out fast and get your test results quickly so as not to inconvenience you, but to keep your family safe from asbestos containing vermiculite.

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What is Vermiculite?

Vermiculite is a mineral that is used as a common construction material and most often associated with insulation, plaster, and popcorn ceilings. It expands when heated and so is popular not only in building materials, but also in gardening soil mixes, composts, and other consumer products. Colored golden-brown and sometimes a dark silver, vermiculite has a shiny appearance and often has pebble-sized nuggets mixed in powdery flakes.

Do popcorn ceilings contain asbestos?

Popcorn ceilings do have a risk of containing asbestos since they are often made from vermiculite, a mineral that can be contaminated by asbestos. If your popcorn ceiling was installed prior to 1990, you run a greater risk of asbestos contamination and so should have your popcorn ceiling tested if it’s starting to crumble or deteriorate or you are planning on removing it.

Does all vermiculite contain asbestos?

No, not all vermiculite contains asbestos, but since asbestos can only be detected by a professional lab test, it’s very important to have it tested.

When did asbestos stop being used in vermiculite?

From 1925 – 1990 nearly half of the world’s vermiculite, mined near Libby, Montana, was contaminated with asbestos. Since asbestos often occurs naturally near vermiculite deposits, there is still a risk with vermiculite mined today, so testing is imperative.