Soil Testing Service in Dayton, OH

We provide services for water, groundwater and soil testing and remediation

TKEC conducts all necessary actions to assist owners in complying with local, state and federal environmental regulations and codes as related to surface water, groundwater and soils.

A professional providing soil testing in Dayton, OH

TKEC conducts Water Quality sampling and groundwater testing for any type of contaminant.  As part of our groundwater testing and soil testing service we install and develop groundwater monitoring wells, implement a sampling and analysis program and report on the findings of monitoring wells, conduct one time or regular sampling events, and we can conduct hydrologic balance studies

  • Sampling & Analysis
  • Groundwater Well Development & Monitoring
  • Hydrologic Balance Investigations

Case Study: Ground Water Remediation on a Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA) Site   Read more

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