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Help! I Need An Environmental Consultant!

Selecting An Environmental Consultant?  Here’s What You Need to Know! If you have been notified by a government agency, (EPA, OSHA, RAPCA) that you are responsible for the investigation and cleanup of soil, groundwater or other contaminated media, you will need professional help, –an environmental consultant.  Costs

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Case Study – Asbestos Project

Asbestos Project Design & Remediation Oversight Asbestos Project Objective: Conduct the asbestos project survey: To identify those accessible building materials that may contain asbestos Collect and analyze bulk samples in accordance with EPA-recommended guidelines Report the types, locations, and quantities of Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM)  present in the

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Is Your Child Coloring with Asbestos?

According to a recent article by Brian Bienkowski with Environmental Health news, some children’s crayons and play, crime lab kits contain cancer-causing, lung damaging asbestos fibers.  A report, commissioned by the environmental nonprofit Environmental Working Group Action Fund, found four brands of children’s crayons out of 28

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