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Tornado Debris Creates Hidden Dangers

The series of tornadoes that struck the Dayton region on May 27 and 28 caused widespread damage to homes, commercial buildings and property. Many buildings have been structurally damaged or destroyed. Consequentially, there is a need to demolish the remaining standing structures of damaged buildings to ensure

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Help! I Need An Environmental Consultant!

Selecting An Environmental Consultant?  Here’s What You Need to Know! If you have been notified by a government agency, (EPA, OSHA, RAPCA) that you are responsible for the investigation and cleanup of soil, groundwater or other contaminated media, you will need professional help, –an environmental consultant.  Costs

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Case Study – Asbestos Project

Asbestos Project Design & Remediation Oversight Asbestos Project Objective: Conduct the asbestos project survey: To identify those accessible building materials that may contain asbestos Collect and analyze bulk samples in accordance with EPA-recommended guidelines Report the types, locations, and quantities of Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM)  present in the

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