Five Reasons for an Asbestos Inspection

Asbestos Inspections in Ohio are required for our safety.  Asbestos is a mineral fiber that is strong and heat resistant.  Because of these properties, it has been used extensively in a variety of building materials.  Overtime its use became widespread.  Currently it is present in many homes and commercial buildings throughout the country and right here in Ohio’s Miami Valley, especially properties that were constructed between 1900 through the 1980s. 

When Is Asbestos Dangerous

Asbestos is most dangerous if the fibers become airborne and are inhaled.  The fibers become airborne if they are disturbed or if the material the fibers are incorporated into has deteriorated.  Consequentially, asbestos is regulated throughout the US and there are strict asbestos regulations in Ohio to protect those involved in projects in which they might come in contact with asbestos.  

Since the 1980s, it has been illegal to produce building materials containing asbestos in the US.  However, for many new construction projects building materials are purchased from overseas producers, where asbestos is allowed to be manufactured into building materials.  As a result, building materials in new construction can often contain asbestos.  

Because of the danger of asbestos, it’s so important to conduct an asbestos test before beginning any project in which there is risk of encountering asbestos.

With over 20 years of experience with asbestos testing in Dayton, Ohio, our certified Environmental Scientists put together this quick guide for when an asbestos evaluation would be necessary:

5 Reasons for an Asbestos Inspection

  1. Remodeling Projects – Remodeling often involves tearing out walls, floors, windows etc. These building materials are often crushed and broken in this process.  It is important to know whether asbestos will be released into the air from any of those materials as they are disturbed.  If asbestos is present, it will need to be remediated before any remodeling work is done.
  2. Demolition Projects – Similar to a remodel but with elevated risk, demolition projects can be an asbestos hot spot.  A demolition project has the potential for a significant health hazard as asbestos could likely be released into the environment from many different building materials, exposing the general public to asbestos fibers.  Consequently, by federal and Ohio state regulations, an asbestos inspection or survey is mandatory.  The asbestos inspection identifies where the asbestos is.  It is then remediated before demotion proceeds.   
  3. Safety Concern for employees, family members or the general public’s health requires attention to asbestos. Many heating and cooling systems in properties from the 1900s-1970s are lined with a high concentration of asbestos known as duct wrap.  This material is often paper thin and easily disturbed, potentially distributing asbestos fibers throughout the interior of a property.  
  4. Real Estate Transactions – Any asbestos containing material that will be disturbed during remodeling, renovation, or demotion will have to be abated before the project can proceed.  Asbestos abatement can be costly.  Buying a house or investment property?  Beware of potential asbestos related costs.
  5. Be Informed – Even if you are not planning any remodeling or demotion projects, you may still want to know if asbestos containing materials are present.  This will allow you to create a plan for how to manage the asbestos in the future.  There are important environmental regulations and procedures in place to ensure asbestos is contained and exposure is minimized.  

Turn-Key Environmental Consultants has been performing Asbestos Hazard Evaluations in Dayton and Ohio’s Miami Valley since 2001 for governmental, commercial, and private clients.  

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