Testing Popcorn Ceilings for Asbestos in Ohio

Popcorn ceilings installed prior to 1990 have a high chance of containing asbestos

Not all popcorn ceilings contain asbestos, but unless you know for sure, get it tested before removal or repair.

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  • You see crumbling or deterioration from your old plaster or popcorn ceiling

Do You Have an Asbestos Ceiling?

Many ceiling plasters, insulations and tiles are made of materials that could contain asbestos. Vermiculite was often used for popcorn ceilings and was known to often be an asbestos containing material. Polystyrene ceilings most commonly do NOT contain asbestos, but unless you know exactly the type of ceiling you have, you should have it checked for asbestos.

How Dangerous is Asbestos in Ceiling Tiles and Plaster?

Popcorn ceilings and other ceiling tiles and plasters are prone to releasing fibers into the air when disturbed. And, of course, if the ceiling contains asbestos, those fibers will be emitted and could be inhaled or ingested. So, if you are removing or moving tiles, scraping, or repairing the ceiling, there is a probability of releasing fibers into the air.

How to Have Your popcorn Ceiling Tested for Asbestos by Turn-Key Consultants

Simply call or email us to discuss your situation. We’ll review options with you and explain the asbestos testing process. Once we schedule the ceiling asbestos inspection, our certified asbestos inspectors will collect samples from multiple areas to ensure testing accuracy. With your results, if they are positive for asbestos, we can continue to work with you in planning and monitoring your asbestos abatement so that you can be assured everything is handled properly.

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