Tank Remediation Services near Dayton & Kettering, OH

Above Ground and Underground Tanks

Our tank remediation services in Kettering, OHTKEC professional services for storage tank remediation include:

  • Soil Vapor Testing
  • Groundwater Monitoring
  • Remedial Investigation – Feasibility Studies
  • AGST Secondary Containment
  • Remediation Cleanup of soil/groundwater
  • Corrective Action Plans

Underground Storage Tanks

Leaks from underground storage tanks  may require remediation of affected soils and groundwater. Our approach is to assess the problem, find a practical solution, and then fix the problem. TKEC can oversee the removal of storage tanks and conduct all necessary actions to assist owners in obtaining proper closure.

TKEC professionals conduct:

  • soil and groundwater testing 
  • feasibility studies
  • development & execution of corrective action and remedial action plans
  • groundwater monitoring

Above Ground Storage Tanks

TKEC helps determine your company’s priorities for bringing above ground storage tanks into compliance. We offer comprehensive storage tank services including:

  • Storage tank assessment and management planning
  • Remediation of problem storage tanks
  • Corrective action plans
  • Compliance with local and federal standards and codes


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