Air Pollution in the Miami Valley, Ohio

Who’s got your back?

Have you wondered, here in the Miami Valley, whose job it is to monitor the air we breath?  RAPCA, The Regional Air Pollution Control Agency,  is that agency.  It is regional in that their jurisdiction covers six counties.   They are local and their authority lies within the health Air Pollution in the Miami Valleydepartments they serve. RAPCA began in the late 1950’s as a City of Dayton program; it then was transferred to the Montgomery County Health Department in the late 1960’s; and expanded to the six counties of Preble, Darke, Miami, Montgomery, Clarke, and Greene in the early 1970’s.

They contract with  the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (Ohio EPA) and receive grants from the United State Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA)  to enforce state and local air pollution control regulations in the six-county region.

The USEPA, under the Congressional mandate of the Clean Air Act, has established health-based air quality standards for six air pollutants – lead, particulate matter, ozone (smog), nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, and sulfur dioxide. RAPCA has 15 air quality monitors to measure the region’s air quality for these pollutants.

Miami Valley Air Pollution Monitoring

In the 34 years that the program has been active in all six counties, they have overseen the implementation of control measures that have greatly improved the region’s air quality. In order to bring the area into conformance, they have relied on the development of strong national programs.   

These national rules must accomplish sufficient reductions of background emissions to help the region attain standards. Following the application of these national rules, RAPCA assesses the need for further local control measures. In addition to the national air quality standards, RAPCA also pays close attention to toxic air pollutants and to indoor air problems. Their staff is dedicated to programs to address both.  

Turn-Key Environmental Consultants works with industrial and commercial clients and homeowners helping them meet these requirements. 

In addition, RAPCA  is responsive to the public’s questions their contact information is 937-225-4435, toll free 800-458-2115.