Case Study of Greater Dayton, Ohio Underground Storage Tank Investigation

Underground Storage Tanks (UST) Closures and Site Investigationsunderground storage tanks

This project included the completion of the Underground Storage Tank removal with a closure report.

Project Objective

Permanent removal and closure of an Underground Storage Tank containing heating oil at a former High School.  Soil sampling was conducted and Closure Report submitted.  This was not a regulated tank under BUSTR.  BUSTR is the state agency that regulates underground storage tanks.


  1. High School Building was originally heated using oil that was stored in an Underground Storage Tank still.  As part of the Ohio EPA’s Site Assessment and Brownfields Revitalization Program, TKEC was contracted by the Ohio EPA to remove the heating oil UST, which was empty. underground storage tanks
  2. The UST was excavated by a subcontractor under the supervision of TKEC. 
  3. Then, samples were collected from the cavity and stockpiled soil.  Since the tank was not regulated by BUSTR, the soil samples were compared to Ohio EPA’s VAP levels for residential land use direct contact with soil. 
  4. The cavity samples were all well below VAP levels, however, the stockpiled soil was above VAP levels and was therefore hauled off site as contaminated soil for disposal at Petro Cell.  The cavity was then filled with clean gravel. 
  5. The tank was hauled to a local scrap yard for disposal.       underground storage tanks

Primary environmental issues identified on-site:

  • Abandoned UST on site and contaminated stockpiled soil