What is Tier II Chemical Reporting?

chemical reportingWhat You Need to Know About Chemical Reporting

The Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA) requires businesses to report annually on the chemicals they have on site.  EPCRA provides for the collection and availability of information regarding the use, storage, production, and release of hazardous chemicals to the public and emergency responders in your communities.  The State Emergency Response Commission (SERC) oversees this reporting. 

This program may apply to your facility if it is subject to the OSHA Hazard Communication Standard. 

  • This applies to facilities which store or use a hazardous chemical in quantities of 10,000 pounds or more
  • This also applies to facilities which store or use one or more “extremely hazardous substance” in quantities of 500 pounds or more.

Importance of Tier II Chemical Reporting

One of the main reasons for the report is to let emergency responders know what chemicals you have on site, how much of the chemical is normally kept on site and where they are located.  Therefore, in an emergency response situation, the responders are aware of what they are walking into and how to deal with it.    

Chemical Report Requirements

The reporting is required annually and is due by March 1 each year.  The report can be completed electronically and must be submitted to the State, the Local Emergency Planning Commission and the local fire department.  There is a fee assessed base upon how many chemicals are reported. 

TKEC can provide assistance for Tier 2 reporting.