Phase I Environmental Site Assessment in Dayton, Ohio – Case Study

Phase I Environmental Site Assessment.Phase I Environmental Site Assessment

Completing a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment is for your protection.  It is one of the environmental due diligence requirements to establish protection from potential liability under the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA) passed by Congress in 1980.  CERCLA liability defenses are very valuable, especially since a purchaser or lessee of contaminated property can be liable for environmental cleanup costs even if the leak, spill or release happened decades earlier, without regard to fault or negligence.

For example, TKEC completed a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment for Ohio EPA and the City of Canton.  This was part of the Target Brownfield Assessment Program.  The Phase I was conducted on seven acres which included a vacant industrial building, measuring approximately 100,000 square feet.  This site at one time had been the manufacturing location of a dental furniture manufacturing facility.  

Primary Environmental Issues identified with the Site Indicate Further Study is Necessary (Environmental Phase II)

  • Former long-term use of the property for dental furniture manufacturing prior to regulations regarding chemical storage and disposal practices
  • Former auto servicing operations
  • Heavily stained gravel/soil
  • Former adjacent gas station

Environmental Phase II Overview

Further investigation is often called for on sites with a history of improper waste management practices or where contaminants may have migrated to the soil, groundwater, or surface water.  This particular site will require a Phase II to determine the extent of environmental problems associated with the site.