Christmas Tree Syndrome

Is there such a thing as Christmas Tree Syndrome?  Surprisingly there is.  And it all has to do with mold.  About 85% of the trees we buy are pre-cut weeks ahead of time.  The trees are cut, baled packed and shipped. 

Unfortunately, moisture and the tight bundling of trees supports an ideal environment for mold growth.  In many cases, once the tree gets into your home the mold on the tree begins reproducing, triggering an allergic reaction known as “Christmas Tree Syndrome.”Christmas Tree Syndrome

Another allergen associated with Christmas trees is pollen.  It is not the pine pollen, a spring event, which causes the problem but pollen from other plants which ride into your home by way of the Christmas tree. 


What can you do?

  1. Consider purchasing a self-cut tree.  By cutting your tree yourself you bypass the storage and transportation conditions that promote mold growth. 
  2. If you buy a pre-cut tree, clean and wipe the trunk of the tree thoroughly before bringing it into the house.  Use a solution of water and 10% bleach.
  3. Use a leaf blower to remove as many pollen grains as possible before bringing the tree indoors.
  4. Consider removing the tree from your home sooner, reducing exposure.
  5. Use a high-performance room air purifier in the same room as the tree.  The IQAir Health Pro Plus will remove more than 99.97% of all pollen and mold spores in that room.

By taking a few simple precautions, you can make your holiday season decorative, delightful and best  of all allergy free.

If you struggle with indoor allergies through the winter consider an air purifier.  IQAir Purifiers are feature in TKEC store.