Home Maintenance Hot Spots

Home maintenance hot spots focus attention to conditions that affect our health and well being.  Indoor Air Quality affects our health.  Turn-Key Environmental Consultants has offered Indoor Air Quality/Mold Investigations services for over 18 years.

Home Maintenance

We often advise owners of basic home maintenance to perform inside and outside their homes to minimize mold and other indoor air quality problems.  Helping homeowners and renters avoid air quality problems is our objective. 

Checking for air leaks is a good place to begin.  If air leaks are found further inspection is required.  Whether it’s a door, window, skylight, fireplace or outlets, the air flow and intruding moisture can be stopped.  Additional inspection and a few minor repairs often will solve the problem.

To check for air leaks a home air pressure test is helpful.   The home air pressure test sucks outside air into the house to reveal where air leaks are. 

Home Maintenance Air Pressure test, Four Easy Steps

  1. Seal the house by locking all doors, windows and skylights.
  2. Close all dampers and vents.
  3. Turn on all kitchen and bath exhaust fans.
  4. Pass a burning incense stick along all openings-such as windows, doors, fireplaces, outlets, to pinpoint air flowing in from the outside. 

Document the location.  After your survey, review your results.  Re-inspect the problem locations to determine the extent of the repair.  Will caulking and or weather stripping solve some problems?  Does a window, door or latch need to be repaired or replaced?

Taking these few steps will yield impressive results.