Help! I Need An Environmental Consultant in Ohio!

iStock_000014637575_SmallSelecting An Environmental Consultant?  Here’s What You Need to Know!

If you have been notified by a government agency, (EPA, OSHA, RAPCA) that you are responsible for the investigation and cleanup of soil, groundwater or other contaminated media, you will need professional help, –an environmental consultant.  Costs for environmental cleanup can vary widely based on the type and extent of the contamination and the regulatory requirements.  Selecting the right environmental consultant to help is good business.

Environmental consultants are scientists who have scientific expertise along with expertise with environmental laws and regulations. 

While site investigations and cleanup procedures can be complex and sometimes costly, having an expert help and advise you is essential.  Environmental consultants help navigate through federal, state and local regulations to insure your property/facility meets current requirements.  A good consultant will work with you to understand your business needs, negotiate with regulatory agencies, and insure your cleanup is complete, cost effective and professional.

Where to find an environmental consultant

You can find a qualified consultant in your area by checking on line, in the yellow pages, through your local Chamber of Commerce and your local Better Business Bureau.   

What the environmental consultant will need

The consultant will need to know your needs and challenges before they can prepare a proposal for you to consider.  For example, they will need to:

  • Review any documents you have received from a regulatory agency
  • Review internal documents concerning the problem
  • Know the site/facility history, including chemicals, materials and products used
  • Know the areas of contamination
  • Know the source of your water supply
  • Know your standard operating procedures for meeting environmental requirements
  • Know the history of any other cleanup work that already has been done

What you need to know about the environmental consultant

Likewise you will need to know information about the consultant:

  • How many years’ experience does the consultant have?
  • How many similar investigations and cleanups have they conducted?
  • What certifications and degrees do employees have?
  • Who are their references?
  • What examples can the consultant provide to validate their performance and capabilities?
  • What levels of insurance does the consultant carry? 

A competent, experienced environmental consultant can clean up your property in accordance with federal, state and local regulations and actually help maintain or increase the property’s value. They can save you time and money and they can complete the project right the first time.  They can also help establish a cooperative relationship with regulatory agencies and minimize downtime for your business. Turn-Key Environmental Consultants provides expert environmental services to our clients.