Are you Prepared to Handle your Dayton Ohio-area Environmental Compliance?

Environmental ComplianceEnvironmental Compliance Challenge 

We received a call from a company that we have worked with in the past that had their Environmental Director recently quit.  They are in the process of replacing this person, however, in the mean time they are concerned about their environmental compliance, what might slip through the cracks or be missed.  If this were to happen to you, what type of system do you have in place to ensure uninterrupted reporting, training and compliance?

The Importance of an Environmental Health and Safety System

An environmental, health and safety system needs to be in place in order to ensure continuous compliance.  An EHS contingency plan is necessary, similar to a business contingency plan.  We suggest having a written schedule of reporting that is to be completed weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annually.  This should show where documents are kept, where to get the information for them (vendors, disposal companies, maintenance personnel, etc.), where to file the reports and due dates.  The EHS person should have a back-up helper who can also complete the requirements in the event of sickness or absence.  If you don’t have enough personnel for this important work, a consultant can also be called upon to help you understand your obligations and work through your reporting requirements.  

The Value of Being ProActive

Avoid unnecessary fines and citations by being prepared.  If reports are missed or simply ignored, then that sends a red flag to regulatory agencies to possibly conduct impromptu compliance inspections or issue citations for non-compliance.  Start by putting an EHS compliance system in place and train affected people and departments on the requirements.  If you don’t know what is required, how can you be expected to comply.  At least having a written document in place gives you a starting point.  

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