Leaking Underground Storage Tanks in Southwest Ohio

A Case Study in Free Product Recovery, Well Sampling and Groundwater Remediation

Leaking underground storage tanks often result in environmental liability since groundwater and soils are often contaminated.  Turn-Key Environmental Consultants helped this client delineate the extent of the contamination and appropriate response actions

Project Objective:  Delineate the extent of contamination at an industrial/manufacturing facility and sample the current groundwater monitoring wells.  

Client: Large industrial company with a regional presence

Location area: Midwest

Leaking Underground Storage Tanks Project Description

The manufacturing facility has had many leaking underground storage tanks over the last three decades which resulted in extensive groundwater and soil contamination. The investigations and remedial activities have continued for many years.  The contaminants include gasoline and mineral spirits/solvent constituents. 

There have been numerous monitoring wells and soil borings installed over the years.  There are currently three groundwater recovery wells in operation that are connected to a groundwater remediation system maintained by Turn-Key Environmental Consultants. 

The system includes an oil water separator, air stripper and activated carbon vessels, which then discharge to the storm sewer.  The system is sampled monthly when running to ensure the discharge meets the limits set by the NPDES discharge permit.  In addition to the maintenance and sampling of the groundwater remediation system, all the wells on site are gauged monthly and sampled annually.  There is also manual free product recovery that is conducted when the system is down for any reason. 

Primary Environmental Issues Identified with Leaking Underground Storage Tanks

  • Extensive soil and groundwater contamination
  • Migration of contaminates throughout the property
  • Free product in several wells

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