PF40™ Replacement Filter Pads


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This is the replacement filter pads for the PF40 kit. The filter pads allow the air purifier’s standard pre-filter to be more effective by trapping additional coarse dust in environments with elevated levels of larger particles. The synthetic coarse dust filter pad is held in place by the lower grille of the PF40 Coarse Dust Pre-Filter kit, it is secured by four clips. The 1/2 in. deep non-woven design of the PF40 filter pad ensures superior coarse dust holding capacity.

  • Requires the PF40 Coarse Dust Pre-Filtration kit (model 210 50 00 00)
  • Compatible with all IQAir air purification system (HealthPro Series and GC MultiGas Series)
  • For environments with elevated levels of coarse dust
  • This helps to extend the life of the units standard Pre-Filter element
  • The filter pad may be washed several times before it needs to be replaced

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