PF40™ Kit – Coarse Dust Filter


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Sure, IQAir air purifiers are incredibly effective against ultrafine particles. But IQAir engineers also designed technology for environments with high levels of dust, called the PF40 coarse dust pre-filter, which easily fastens to any IQAir system with just a few screws.

This coarse dust killer improves the effectiveness and life of your IQAir system’s standard pre-filter by trapping larger particles in environments with elevated levels of coarse dust—such as residential homes in desert locations and commercial settings like bakeries. So if coarse dust is a problem for you, enhance your IQAir system by adding the PF40 stainless steel grille assembly.

Using four clips, the upper and lower grilles house a 155-square-inch filter pad featuring a non-woven synthetic design. It’s this ½-inch thick pad that transforms your IQAir purifier from a system proven effective against the world’s smallest particles to a coarse dust killer for environments with high levels of dust. That’s filtration mastered.

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