TKEC is one of few local companies to conduct mold investigations and have a Certified Microbial Remediation Supervisor (CMRS) on staff.

Investigations - At TKEC, a mold investigation includes an inspection of all areas of the home including every room, closets, attics, basements, crawl spaces, inside cabinets, and the property exterior. During a mold investigation, TKEC uses instrumentation to measure moisture levels, particle levels, temperature, relative humidity and carbon dioxide.  TKEC will attempt to identify all sources of water infiltration/leakage and will provide recommendations on how to remediate mold, if present.

Sampling for Mold - At TKEC we recommend air and surface sampling for mold if a) more than 30 square feet of mold is identified in the home or 10 square feet in a commercial building; b) if the home-owner wishes to have the mold professionally remediated; or c) if the home-owner wants to know if mold spores are present in the home. 

Technical Specifications for Mold Abatement – TKEC uses specific information gathered during a mold inspection to design a protocol for mold remediation.  The results of sampling are also used to identify which areas of the home need to be remediated, which areas need to be contained, and the extent of cleaning required.  Most reputable mold remediation firms require technical specifications for mold abatement prior to conducting remediation.  

Remediation Oversight and Post Remediation Sampling - TKEC will act as the building owner’s representative during remediation to insure independent third party oversight. This service includes consultation with the remediation contractor to provide guidance and resolve technical questions; an inspection of remediation activities to verify that the contaminated areas have been successfully abated; air and surface sampling to document the effectiveness and to verify that other areas of the residence have not been contaminated by the remediation activities.  A final report is then provided that summarizes and documents the mold remediation activities.





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