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Healthy Environments – Beware of Mold

What You Need to Know About Mold Mold spores are everywhere.  It is an essential part of nature.  Molds help break down wood, leaves, grass and other dead plant material.   Every time we enter a building from outside, we bring in mold spores – on our clothes,

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Healthy Environments-Water Infiltration and Damage

Water Infiltration is a Big Problem Water infiltration can lead to many other problems within a building.  It is important to act quickly to stop the water and begin the drying process.  In fact, all water infiltration must be dried up within 48 hours or mold growth

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Healthy Environments – Vapor Barriers

 Vapor Barriers Create Healthy Buildings                                                         Vapor Barriers are a very critical part of the building envelope. A vapor barrier

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Healthy Environments – Drainage Around Building

Landscaping Promotes Good Drainage                                                                Proper landscaping around a building is critical in maintaining good drainage to ensure

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Healthy Environments – Indoor Air Quality

Healthy Indoor Air Quality Factors Because most people spend 80 to 95% of their time indoors, good clean air quality is critical to our well-being.  Indoor air quality can be affected by many things: The supply of fresh air Proper filtering of air flow Outgassing from furnishings

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 The Complications of High Humidity

High humidity and moisture are key factor in the growth and amplification of mold, fungi and other microbes. As a result, problems with these organisms can be severe in air-conditioned buildings located in humid environments.  The accumulation of moisture on or in the envelope of buildings during

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Healthy Buildings – Carpet

To avoid problems with carpets affecting your indoor air quality, there are a few tips helpful to know NEW CARPET PROBLEMS Recently, there has been a lot of controversy about carpets as a cause of indoor air problems. This began with an incident in the EPA headquarters building

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Healthy Environments – Proper Indoor Air Ventilation

 The Importance of Proper Indoor Air Ventilation Proper indoor air ventilation is critical to a healthy living environment.  A system of replacing “used” air with fresh, clean outside air is needed.  In commercial buildings, there is often a controlled mechanical system that does this.  In many houses,

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8 Reasons to Care About Wetlands

Wetlands play an important role in the well-being of the environment. Benefits of Wetlands Wetlands provide: Water purification where water is filtered, cleaned and stored Flood control where flood waters are collected and held Habitat to a wide range of plant and animal life Shoreline stability where

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Case Study – Underground Storage Tanks

Underground Storage Tanks (UST) Closures and Site Investigations This project included the completion of the UST removal with a closure report. Project Objective Permanent removal and closure of an Underground Storage Tank containing heating oil at a former High School.  Soil sampling was conducted and Closure Report

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