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Six Steps for Hazardous Waste Storage and Non-Hazardous Waste Storage

Typical Hazardous Waste Storage Problems  Having trouble keeping a handle on your hazardous waste storage and non-hazardous waste?  Is your waste storage area getting out of hand?  Are your hazardous and non-hazardous wastes getting mixed together?  Is your storage area too small? You are not alone.  It is

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What is Tier II Chemical Reporting?

What You Need to Know About Chemical Reporting The Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA) requires businesses to report annually on the chemicals they have on site.  EPCRA provides for the collection and availability of information regarding the use, storage, production, and release of hazardous chemicals

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Hazardous Waste Biennial Reporting

Requirements for Hazardous Waste Reporting Federal regulations require large quantity generators of hazardous waste to submit a report every two years.  The requirements of the report include: The nature of the hazardous waste The quantities of the hazardous waste The disposition of hazardous waste  National Biennial RCRA Report EPA refers

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Case Study – Environmental Industrial Compliance Reporting

Environmental Industrial Compliance Reporting for Industry One of the services Turn-Key Environmental Consultants (TKEC) provides, is assistance with environmental industrial compliance reporting. For example, TKEC continues to assist a client at three manufacturing facilities with its environmental obligations to ensure they are in compliance with applicable rules

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Climate Change Impact on our Soil

Soil and Climate Change Background In April of 2016, TKEC blogged about the importance of soil in storing carbon.  If we could restore more carbon to the world’s soil, we could put a huge dent in the carbon pollution problem.   Earlier, we also blogged about the

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Sweeping Federal Climate Change Report

Climate Change Report – Background The report was completed this year and is a special science section of the National Climate Assessment, which is congressionally mandated every four years.  According to the New York Times, the National Academy of Science has signed off on the draft report

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Case Study – Industrial Compliance/Groundwater Remediation

Overview Turn-Key Environmental Consultant’s (TKEC) client has a large manufacturing facility in Ohio which has had many leaking underground storage tanks over the last 2-3 decades.  This has resulted in extensive groundwater and soil contamination.  The appropriate investigations and remedial activities have continued for many years.  

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Case Study – Industrial Compliance – Source Sampling & Tier I Evaluation

Overview As a result of a diesel tank overfill, Turn-Key Environmental Consultants, TKEC, assisted an industrial setting with its responsibilities to conduct Source Sampling and a Tier I Evaluation.  This included sampling soil and groundwater via Geoprobe push sampling techniques and installation of groundwater monitoring wells.  

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Overshoot Day

Overshoot Day August 2, 2017 August 2, was an important day for the environment.  It was the “overshoot day”.  The “overshoot day” is the point when humanity’s demand on renewable natural resources exceeds the annual supply that our planet can regenerate.  More simply, it’s the date humanity has spent

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Healthy Environments – Beware of Mold

What You Need to Know About Mold Mold spores are everywhere.  It is an essential part of nature.  Molds help break down wood, leaves, grass and other dead plant material.   Every time we enter a building from outside, we bring in mold spores – on our clothes,

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